Sketches of Mexico I

Mexico is a long afternoon wandering up and down narrow streets, eyes wide, looking at unfamiliar textures. Concrete walls. Stains on the asphalt. Long shadows.

The hot sun wraps everything in yellow.

A volcano hangs distant, like the Empire State Building from a Brooklyn rooftop. She slips into conversation with ease. An entire language emerging like tied scarves from a clown's sleeve. There is lime cured Ceviche on flat tortilla chips. Cheap beer. Street tacos. Iced tea made from steeped red flowers.

In Mexico City, Club America plays a match against Pumas at Estadio Azteca. The place is electric. Sweaty fans pack in for a view. Some sit on the barbed wire fencing that separates rival fans. Each goal ignites a roar so loud it shakes the stadium grounds.

It is the perfect month-long escape from a snowy New York February. Here are some photos from my wanderings.

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